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"When you chair a company, you understand the urgency to drive revenues every day. You know that sales leaders and sales managers have to transfer the principles, behaviors and skills to their sales people. You know that sales people have to acquire the proper selling habits and hone their skills every day. Gary O’Sullivan’s time-tested principles for leading and managing a sales organization—for selling excellence and keeping the sales culture alive and thriving—unquestionably represent the BEST opportunity for developing a sales organization. Partnering with GO is how you keep your sales organization selling at its BEST! "
B. E. Stoecklein
Chairman and CEO, CMS Mid-Atlantic, Inc.

Gary O'Sullivan Company Services

Consulting Services Focused on People

"People are so busy working in their business, they never find time to work on their business."
Michael Gerber

Building People to Build Business

Gary O'Sullivan

Since 2000, the Gary O'Sullivan Company has been building people to build business.

Working with some of the top firms in the nation, we have a track record of building strong relationships, implementing needed change, and achieving the desired results.

Our consulting approach is based on our understanding that businesses never get better — people do. Accordingly, we focus on those assets of our clients' companies which achieve the desired results: PEOPLE.

When the people improve, the productivity and performance of the company improves.

Our Unique Model

We don't deliver trendy programs or promise quick fixes. Our model focuses on long-term and ongoing improvement of the people and processes in your organization.

A typical initial engagement lasts one to three years. We conduct a two- or three-day location visit each calendar quarter with ongoing follow-up consultations during the ensuing months, via telephone and e-mail. Our consulting model ensures that the process and programs we are focusing on are kept moving forward.

We make outsourcing feel like insourcing

Our experience proves that an ongoing consulting engagement with a client allows us to better understand its staff and its markets and to establish deeper and more productive relationships. We perform as a fully-integrated and productive member of your staff, and we make outsourcing feel like insourcing.

Our Philosophy

We believe in a simple concept: Businesses never get better – people do.

The foundation of our efforts is to transfer talent into results. We help improve sales performance; we use the organization's culture to improve customer service; and we help companies develop leads at every level. Our unique model focuses on improving the people that improve the organization.

Areas of Central focus

Our focus is in four specific areas:

  1. Sales
  2. Customer Service
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Corporate Culture


The Gary O'Sullivan Company's uniquely effective approach to sales improvement comes from Gary's 30+ years of experience in direct sales (starting out selling door-to-door at the age of 18), middle management, and upper management as senior vice president of marketing for a publicly-traded national company. Gary understands sales from every level.

From our unique Service Selling concept to our trademarked PrinciplePower™, we ensure that all sales strategies are built on three foundational principles: ethical, professional, and caring. We help our clients build sales presentations; we teach sales skills; and we develop motivational and how-to strategies. Our goal is to improve not only the competencies of the sales organization but its attitudes.

Customer Service

In today's marketplace, there are only a few things that separate one business from another. One huge separation factor can be a company's ability to define and deliver exceptional customer service.

Customer service is not a department. Our distinctive model makes customer service a part of the company‘s culture — involving the entire organization, improving relationships and overall performance.

Leadership Development

When most companies look to their bench for the next generation of leadership, they often find the bench empty. That is why we help companies focus on the importance of developing leaders at all levels.

From management development to personal coaching for leadership development, our model helps build a strong foundation by building on the talent and potential of the people in the organization.

Corporate Culture

With a coming era of a talent shortage, an organization's culture — driven by its mission, vision, and core values and beliefs — will become an important factor in attracting top talent.

Identifying and managing your company values can have a tremendous impact on the attitudes and performance of your organization. Our belief is that a company's ability to attract and keep top talent — a company's ability to get people fully engaged and giving their best — will largely be determined by the company's culture.

Wealth of Experience

With a rich and impressive resume dating back to 1971 — with experience in direct sales, middle management, and upper management as senior vice president of marketing for a publicly-traded national company — Gary O'Sullivan understands business from every viewpoint.

Speaking Engagements

Gary O'Sullivan is one the most sought-after and top-rated speakers in the nation. He was recognized by the International Cemetery and Funeral Association as the Speaker of the Decade in 2000 &mdash and then again, for an unprecedented second time, in 2010.


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